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    logoGetting More From the Massage

 • Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent mode.

• Don’t eat a large meal right before your massage.

• Use the bathroom before your massage.

• Conversation is encouraged at the beginning of the massage and when I need more information during the session. Otherwise, you are encouraged to relax, breathe deeply and allow me that quiet to listen to your body.Focus on the sensations in your body, breathe deeply, and visualize your pain or tension melting away.

• Let me know if you have specific music preferences.

• Drink plenty of warm water after your massage.

• It is common to feel effects of your massage later – occasionally soreness (mild or extreme) will occur a day or two after the treatment. You may also experience emotions coming up during or after the massage. These sensations and emotions are part of the healing process and are necessary.

Remember that healing isn’t always pretty, but you will feel better afterward. 



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