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Suite 05 707 7th Avenue New Westminster  BC

V3M 2J2

Press "5".

If you drive,You could have 6 Free vistor parking palces.

If you take skytrain,you could get off at 22nd station,then tranfer bus101,154,155

or you could get off at New Westminster station,then transfer bus 106.

If I am in-session, and unable to take your call.Please phone me later until you could reach me.Since I would not phone you back.

Please leave a text message ! So I will get right back to you.



Working hours:
Monday             8am-9pm
Wednesday        6pm-9pm
Thursday           3pm-9pm
Friday               3pm-9pm
Saturday           10am-9pm
Sunday              8am-12pm


Thank you for contacting me. I will return your email within 24 hours.


Text or Call    604 561 7743
Consultation + 30 minutes Oriental Acupressure Massage = $35! 

604 561 7743

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