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As a well-educated and caring Chinese lady from Shanghai, Alice Huang achieved her Master's Degree from one of the top world-famous Medical Schools in China (Shanghai Fudan University Medical School, original Shanghai First Medical School).

Alice Huang has over 20 years working experience in the field of  medical field, first as a western medical doctor(OBGY specialist),and then received abundant training on theory,practice,also translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) during the period time of her working at the Longhua Hospital in Shanghai. This is one of the largest Chinese Hospitals affiliated with the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medical University. Also as a faculty in Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical School(another world-famous medical school in Shanghai), she instructed the course of  "Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)".

In Canada, Alice Huang achieved her certification with an Acupuncture Diploma and working experience from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Victoria, BC, Canada, working there for nearly 2 years.

Alice Huang's Oriental Massage techniques are arts developed over years of experience. Her combination of soft and strong oriental Massage methods will make you feel deeply relaxed and you will experience a deep peace and joyfulness within. 


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