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Vancouver BC Oriental Massage

logoOriental Acupressure Massage offers you with invigorating and rejuvenating experience both physically and psychologically relaxing,diffirent from TCM.

Each session of massage makes you sleep better, feeling good for several days giving you more power to think, love and enjoy life.


$35.00 Introductory Oriental Massage for First Visit

Our Oriental Massage in Vancouver, B.C. Canada is taking new clients and we have an introductory rate for your first visit.

There is no obligation to this offer and for $35 you can have a consultation and a 30 minute introductory oriental massage. 

We are dedicated to providing the best quality body,mind(emotion) and spirit help and support at a reasonable price. During the session,your body will relax,feel pleasant and in the meantime receive healing.

If you like the Oriental Massage, then you are welcome to come back for the regular rate of $40 for a 30 minute session, including these value added services which are high quality essential oils for massage, nice warm wet/dry towels to clean and relax your body. 

The massage room is warm and comfortable, with relaxing background music.

2.5 hours free parking is available on the front spacious parking place. 


Call now and receive a initial
consultation + 30 minutes Oriental Massage =$35!

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